Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your local forecast for Western and Northwestern WI

Not really lot to talk about for this part of the state...Only problem with this forecast will be the Arctic air set to move back into the area Tuesday through Wednesday night....Big story will be a snow storm to effect the Southeast 1/4 part of the state with heavy snow...Lighter snow shall be found North and West of that area...Back to the local area...


Temps are rather cool once again with mainly single digits found through out the FA The warmest spots are in Eau Claire with 11,Ladysmith coming in at 17(which I think is off compared to the other SFC temps) Osceola is reporting 10...Cold spots this morning are as follows...Hayward 3...Rice Lake 5..New Richmond at 6....Winds are light this morning...Most areas reporting clear skies..


Look for our rather mild temps to hang around for this time period...Highs in the 30s with lows in the middle teens..Lows may need to be warm upward some with the cloud cover forecast as a storm system passes to our Southeast...


Arctic cold front to slam into and through the area...Should see temps slowly start to fall by Tuesday afternoon. Cold front will also bring a shot of some snow...The way it looks right now a dusting to a 1/4 is possible..May see a few 1/2 reports...Arctic air will be short lived...Highs fall back into the 20s through Thursday with lows below zero again....Temps do warm back up for the upcoming weekend upper 20s with lows in the single digits...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tonight's pictures

Well being as bord as I am I went out and took some pictures of Rice Lake..Remind you this is not the whole city,Just the Southwest to almost Central part of the city.

Pictures from last evening

Was borded last night and decided to head out a take some pictures...Went out to a overpass and took pictures of cars on the freeway...Was going to get pictures of Rice Lake,however I need to go East of town to get some good ones...Well I never did get East of town...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new virtual tour of my office..

Yeah ok it's been awhile since I have updated my blog....But really there just was not to much to talk about...Here we go again another virtual tour,as I did add one more computer as the one died a few months ago....I have 3 computers to come up with the forecast I do issue...The one on the far left I use mainly for radar data...I will use this also to run weather computer models if there is no precip in the area...The one in the center I use for Skew T and Bufkit info...Will also run satellite on this computer....The one computer on the far right I use to run different weather computer models...I also use this computer to issue my forecast to my weather blog...Click on pictures to see full size!