Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today's pictures.

Was so so day in the weather dept. No rain that was a good thing.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lake Superior.

Was a fun day yesterday...Headed North for the day....Fall colors were really great South of a HWY 2 line...Some colors along the shore of Lake Superior...Looks like another trip for next weekend is in store!...Here are some pictures...

More pictures will be added tonight.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tonight's pictures

Skies cleared off,was a great night for astro photography...Nice warm 43 degrees...

Some pictures

Just a few pictures...

Thursday, September 22, 2011


The map below is only a test map,it is not current or a forecast map!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A chilly morning across the FA.

Some areas have seen the growing season come to an end early this morning…..Lows fell into the upper 20s to lower 30s across the FA, I’m sure some of the colder spots across the FA fell into the middle 20s…

It would be safe to say the growing season has ending for points North of HWY 48 Line… Growing season may have ended for Points South of HWY 48 to North of HWY 8 line…. South of HWY 8 a few areas the growing season may have ended, however most areas South of HWY 8 should be ok..
Here are some overnight lows….

Here at the office.... 28.3

Hayward…. 27

Rice Lake…. 32

Siren…. 28

New Richmond…. 32

Oseceola… 28

Eau Claire….29

Cumberland… 32

Ladysmith…. 33

Superior…. 27

Here are a few pictures from this morning’s frosty start.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Forecast for Western & Northwestern WI...

Main story over the next 24 hours will be the very cold temps…..The NWS has issued a freeze warning for most of my FA…Frost advisory has also been issued by the NWS for the follow Counties….Chippewa, Eau Claire, Pepin, and Rusk……This could be the end of the growing season for much of the FA, you may want to cover up any plants you may wish to save, better yet bring them indoors….

A slow warning trend will commence Starting Friday and hold through early next week…..


At 1 PM…Here at the office skies are Partly cloudy winds are form the Northwest @ 8.3 MPH gusting to 18 MPH…Temp is 50..Across the area skies range from mostly sunny to partly cloudy…Temps range from the upper 40s to lower 50s… Winds Northwest from 8 to 12 MPH with gusts ranging from 17 to 21 MPH…


Secondary cold front that plowed through the FA is now cutting the Stat of MI in half and extends through IL, Northern part of MO…..A large 1034 MB high pressure is building into the FA from Canada…Winds today will still be rather gust as pressure gradient between the High off to our Northwest and a low pressure off to our Northeast still remain rather tight… The high pressure system is forecasted to move Southeast/east through today and should be centered over Western MN by 06z Thursday and slowly move across the FA….This will allow for winds to become calm under clear skies this is setting up the stages for great radiation cooling…Temps are forecasted to fall into the middle 20s to around 30 tonight/early tomorrow morning…Hard freeze is appearing likely across much of my FA….With the high pressure system remaining over the FA this will set the stages for a dry Thursday and Friday, along with the weekend…. Thursday night we should see another freeze…..By 12z Friday the large high pressure system should be centered over Western MI….We should start to see a return flow slowly working into the area, meaning a slow warming trend…..Sunday the FA still under control of the high pressure system….We find a weak 1012 low pressure/trough over SD with a warm front extended South of said system, a cold front is forecasted to be in far Northwest ND……This is forecasted to slide Southeast into the Eastern ND through central SD, meantime the weak area of low pressure slips Southeast into Southwestern IA…Was some questions to rather if we should add precip into the FA for Sunday…..For now will run with a dry forecast…. Will add slight chance of precip into the forecast from Sunday night as the cold front pushes through, though still not thrilled about doing this as it appears moisture will be null….Will run with a dry forecast from Monday through Tuesday as a high pressure system build into the FA….


REST OF TODAY…. PC highs 50 to 55, winds NW 10 to 20 MPH.

TONIGHT…. Clear cold lows 25 to 30, winds becoming clam. Hard freeze likely….

THURSDAY/THURSDAY NIGHT…. Sunny highs 50 to 55… Lows 25 to 30…Frost likely with another freeze.

FRIDAY THROUGH SUNDAY…. Dry highs 55 to 60 on Friday 60 to 65 Sat and Sun…. Lows 35 to 40 Friday night warming to 40 to 45 Saturday night.

SUNDAY NIGHT…. Slight chance of showers, maybe a thunderstorm. Lows 45 to 50.

MONDAY THROUGH TUESDAY…. Dry highs 65 to 70 lows 45 to 50.

Confidence Level..High on temps….Medium on precip.


The only chance of rain if this whole forecast cycle come in for the 21, and that is meeker…. The rest of the cycle is forecasted to be dry….Overall temps should be close to normal with precip below normal…

Confidence levels in both temps and precip are very low….So low we won’t issue a forecast for this time frame…..

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Northern Lights early morning 0f 09/10/2011

After watching the show unfold in the afternoon yesterday I was wondering if it would rebuild for the night time...Sure enough it did... Was a great show even though the Moon was almost full...I really do think it help add to the pictures, even the fall colors were lit up in some of the pictures...Here are a few for now more later if time allows!!

click pictures to see a bigger size....

Monday, September 5, 2011

Areas of frost possible tonight

Looks like tonight parts of the FA could see their first frost of this fall season.
The best areas to see frost will be North of a HWY 8 line through Barron, Polk, and Rusk Counties and points North of said Counties....The closer one is to Lake Superior the less likely for frost....Temps are forecasted to drop into the middle to upper 30s tonight.....
Last night was a cold night across the FA.Below are the reported lows.
Superior 39
Hayward 35
Siren 38
Rice Lake 43
Ladysmith 44
EAU 41
New Richmond 39
Ocseola 41.
Here at the office we came in with 38.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


First off I would like to take this time for all of our viewers across the USA; yes I said across the USA, I also want to thank each and everyone for the nice comments, after spending all day reading and answering over 1500 emails, there was more but I lost track after 1500 of them….

Well my decision stands on the fall color project….The project on the blog was laid to rest on September 3rd at 5:57 PM and its gone there is no coming back…However I did setup a special website for the fall color pictures and just about everyone who contacted us has the link, as we know there are many people who come to Northern WI to see the colors so it was decided we will run with a site with pictures only……The site will only be up for a short time as soon as we are past peak the site comes down.

There will no longer be fall color pictures on this blog…..

Big news some which has been going on for a few months already….

Other news we may start to forecast for the 5 state area along with the local forecast for Western/Northwestern WI…

The 5 state area will be for the following states WI, MN, IA, ND, and SD. Reason for this is there are many people who would like us to do a forecast for their state. We will also be doing forecasting for smaller areas and cities and we have been for some…See below…… We thank everyone for your request to have us do your forecasting….Our new saying will also be want the best forecast look no further, you found it….If you want a local forecast for your areas email us and we will email you a forecast, until we figure out how to get it all on the blog….

Areas/Cities we have people requesting our forecast as follows.


Madison, Green Bay, Park Falls, and Wausau.


Fergus Falls, Albert Lea, Rochester, Winona, and St. Paul.


Williston, and Valley City.


Rapid City.


Fort Dodge, De Moines, and Mason City…

So far these have been the requested cities… Thanks to viewers throughout the 5 state area….What many don’t know we have started to forecast for all the said Cities in WI and MN…This has been done through email once we get the areas figured out they will be on the blog then we will start forecasting for IA,SD and ND…. We have our webmaster working hard on this in fact he started today… So will any luck everyone will see a big blog change and your local forecasts

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last fall color update!!

THis will be the last fall color update I do!!!!!!!...I thought it would have been fun to show pictures every week showing how the colors are coming along,however someone is taking the fun out of what I wanted to do...Telling me there is no fall color well pictures don't lie is all I can say...Sure the tress arent all changing yet but they are slowly changing there are not the deep green they were,some yellows and oranges...Anyway the heck with this project I'm sick of beating a dead horse all the time.... Here are some pictures tell me there is no color....

The rest of the lightning pictures

Some try to be like me,Some try to copy me,some what to be like me, however they all fail..Why you ask? Easy I am the lightning whisperer...The one and only one!

Strong thunderstorms this morning

Strong thunderstorms pounded parts of the FA this morning starting around 1:30 AM then another batch around 4:00 AM..... Here at the office we picked up 1.29" of rain.. Had like three small hails stones, there was a little more than that, however it didn't last no longer than a minute.Here are some lightning pictures I took throughout the early morning hours...Haven't been to sleep since Thursday night....More pictures will be added latter I need sleep,and I need it now.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looking back at August.

Looking back at August….August was a rather quite month..Temps did average out to be near normal though it was slighty below…. There was a total of 9 thunderstorm days and 1 severe thunderstorm day..We will break that down even more latter…. Looking at watches that were issued for the area…. Tornado watches = 0 Severe thunderstorm watches = 2.

There were 0 tornado warnings issued… There was 4 severe thunderstorm warnings issued.

Ok time to break the thunderstorm days down…

Days that had thunderstorms….

1, 2, 5, 13, 19, 20, 22, 26, 31….

Days that had severe thunderstorms


8 non severe thunderstorm days were recorded.

1 severe thunderstorm day was recorded.

9 total thunderstorm days were recorded…..

Two severe thunderstorm watches were issued, both for the 2nd… One was from 2:20 AM through 10:00 AM, the other one was for 5:20 AM to 1:00 PM once this one was issued the other watch became voided.

There was 4 severe thunderstorm warnings issued for the 2nd.

1. 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM

2. 5:25 AM to 6:30 AM

3. 9:10 AM to 10:15 AM

4. 9:37 AM to 11:15 AM

Let’s look at how the thunderstorm days stacked up to last year.

Last year we had 7 thunderstorm days for a total…. 3 were non severe while 4 were severe thunderstorm days.

So we did drop in the severe thunderstorm days compared to last year…We did go up on non severe thunderstorm days…

So all in all we are close to what we should be at……

Severe thunderstorm outlook

Severe thunderstorms will be possible across the outlook area tonight may be a few showers and storms late this afternoon these storms are not forecasted to become severe...Tonight a cold front pushes into the outlook area showers and thunderstorms will fire along the frontal boundary and push East/Southeast... Main threat will be large hail  and damaging winds... The tornado threat would be in the purple shaded area....If SFC base storms can fire....My Southern Counties should stay clear of severe thunderstorms,as the cap is forecasted to remain...Post frontal showers and storms will be possible in the Southern areas and points South...None of these are forecasted to be severe.

Dirk Miller is now The Lightning Whisperer

You all have heard of The Dog Whisperer,Well now we have The Lightning Whisperer...That is right I am The Lightning Whisperer..Won't be long now and I will have my own TV show!!...Here is a picture a friend did for me....