Friday, December 7, 2012

Major winter storm set to hit the area.

This forecast discussion will focus on the pending major winter storm to plow the area this weekend.

Models have come in agreement on the track of a major winter storm that is forecasted to hammer the area starting Saturday night and lasting through a good part of Sunday. Still a few minor details to work out, however those really won’t affect the snowfall forecast….Will have to watch where the deformation zone sets up and how long it will sustain it’s self….Dry slot will remain in Southwestern MN and push Eastwards, hence the reason for lesser snow amounts through Southern MN and Southern WI…..

A low pressure system is forecasted to move into Northern NE, then into Southern MN through Central WI then over to the Northwestern part of MI….This track will put the FA in the prime area for heavy snow Saturday night through Sunday….I have all my FA in the range from 4 to 12 inches of snow, all but far Southern/ Southeastern Eau Claire County were 2 to 4 inches will be possible….Also a strong cold front will be blasting through the area on Sunday….This will cause wind to increase to 15 to 20 MPH with gusts up to 25 to 30 MPH….This will lead to blowing and drifting snow, as well as whiteout conditions at times.Temps will also start to drop like a rock in the afternoon…

Travel throughout the FA will become difficult Saturday night into early Sunday morning….Sunday travel conditions could become impossible…..Anyone playing to travel this weekend should listen to NOAA Weather radio or your local News Media for the latest updates….Also make sure you have a winter weather safety kit in your vehicle …Also let someone know your leaving times and time of arrival, along with the path you will be taken…..If you should become stranded stay with your vehicle and call for help….

This could be the first major winter storm to hit the area, and it could be dangerous one…Snow/blowing snow/and dangerous wind chills……

First map Shows the track of the storm system….Second map shows our snowfall forecasted amounts….


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Looking back at November

Looking back at November 2012

Yet another wild month for temperature swings…We started the month on the cool side, but then we warmed by the end of the month…We even had a thunderstorm day…We had 4 snow days….

Before we get to all that….Our snow days will include days of ¼ inch or > of snow….

The day we had thunderstorms was on the 10th.

Snow days are as follows…

6th we saw ½ inch of snow.

12th we saw ½ inch of snow.

22nd  we saw 1 inch of snow.

23rd we saw 1 ½  inches of snow.

This gives us a total of 3 ½ inches of snow for November…Remarkably we are only an inch less of snow compared to November 2011.

There were no winter storm watches issued.

There were snow winter storm warnings issued.

There was one winter adv issued that was on the 22nd through 6 AM of the 23rd.