Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Looking back at July 2012


Time to take a look back at July….

Overall July was a rather active month for the FA, while most of the state was dry…..July was also a very warm and humid month…..

There was a total of 15 thunderstorm days…..

There was 3 severe thunderstorm days.

There was 12 non severe thunderstorm days…..

Days on which severe thunderstorm days happened.

July 2nd.

July 3rd.

July 6th.

Days non severe thunderstorms happened.

July 4th.

July 5th.

July 7th.

July 8th.

July 13th.

July 17th.

July 18th.

July 20th.

July 21st.

July 24th.

July 25th.

July 26th.

There was one tornado watch issued..

July 4th from 9:00 PM through 3:00 AM July 5th.

There was two severe thunderstorm watches issued.

July 6th from 6:39 PM through 3:00 AM July 7th.

July 25th 2:25 AM through 8:00 AM.

There were no tornado warnings issued for July.

There was three severe thunderstorm warning issued.

July 2nd 3:15 through 4:15 AM….Start time may be off still need to track that down…So it is an est for now.

July 3rd 3:28 AM through 4:15 AM.

July 6th 6:49 PM through 7:30 PM.

July was a very warm month.

We had heat adv. Issued from July 3rd to July 5th at 10:00 PM…..We had an excessive heat warning from July 3rd through 10:00 PM July 5th…….Another heat adv was issued from July 15th through 10:00 PM July 16th.

Looking back at July 2011..

We had 15 thunderstorms days….6 severe thunderstorms days, 9 non severe thunderstorm days……July 2012 for the most part matched up rather well with 2011 just we had lower severe thunderstorms in 2012.