Sunday, September 4, 2011


First off I would like to take this time for all of our viewers across the USA; yes I said across the USA, I also want to thank each and everyone for the nice comments, after spending all day reading and answering over 1500 emails, there was more but I lost track after 1500 of them….

Well my decision stands on the fall color project….The project on the blog was laid to rest on September 3rd at 5:57 PM and its gone there is no coming back…However I did setup a special website for the fall color pictures and just about everyone who contacted us has the link, as we know there are many people who come to Northern WI to see the colors so it was decided we will run with a site with pictures only……The site will only be up for a short time as soon as we are past peak the site comes down.

There will no longer be fall color pictures on this blog…..

Big news some which has been going on for a few months already….

Other news we may start to forecast for the 5 state area along with the local forecast for Western/Northwestern WI…

The 5 state area will be for the following states WI, MN, IA, ND, and SD. Reason for this is there are many people who would like us to do a forecast for their state. We will also be doing forecasting for smaller areas and cities and we have been for some…See below…… We thank everyone for your request to have us do your forecasting….Our new saying will also be want the best forecast look no further, you found it….If you want a local forecast for your areas email us and we will email you a forecast, until we figure out how to get it all on the blog….

Areas/Cities we have people requesting our forecast as follows.


Madison, Green Bay, Park Falls, and Wausau.


Fergus Falls, Albert Lea, Rochester, Winona, and St. Paul.


Williston, and Valley City.


Rapid City.


Fort Dodge, De Moines, and Mason City…

So far these have been the requested cities… Thanks to viewers throughout the 5 state area….What many don’t know we have started to forecast for all the said Cities in WI and MN…This has been done through email once we get the areas figured out they will be on the blog then we will start forecasting for IA,SD and ND…. We have our webmaster working hard on this in fact he started today… So will any luck everyone will see a big blog change and your local forecasts