Friday, December 2, 2011

Updated snowfall map

In the dark blue is where we are forecasting snowfall amounts of 6 plus inches. We did talk about adding some 8 inch snowfall amounts in that area, however it does not look like a widespread deal,just a few reports of 8 inches may been seen,however 7 inches would be more the realm. The red area we are calling for 2 to 5 inches. The light blue 1 to 2 inches. This system is still not 100% written in stone yet so Dirk may have to change this map tomorrow morning. This snowfall amounts may be less if strong thunderstorms form to the South down over MO and so on.Just another reason why we didn't go higher in the forecasted amounts. Southern areas may also see less if this system moves 50 miles West/Northwest,as this would allow for more warmer air to drawn into those areas keeping more of a mix percip going.Still a lot of things to keep an eye on with this system. Can't stress this enough, this winter storm is not wriiten in stone in any shape or form yet.By tomorrow morning Dirk should have things all worked out. I rather hold off on issuing a forecast at this time due to reasons stated above.I was one the fence about updating the snowfall map I would have rather waited for the 0z runs to come in. I'm almost sure this will end up going back to the first map that was out on Wednesday.