Sunday, September 9, 2012

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI

The upcoming work week will see temps start above normal, then go below normal after Tuesday. We could also get into the same weather pattern that has affected us yesterday and the Friday with insatiability showers and maybe a thunderstorm here and there….Big story comes the week of the 17th a weather pattern change is in the works for the FA….Big cool down and yes it looks like we could see our first frost or we may come close to ending the growing season….


Across the area at 10:00 AM we see skies ranging from sunny to partly cloudy….Temps upper 50s to lower 60s. Winds are light out of the North from 3 to 7 MPH…..


Two main concerns in the short/middle term forecast… 1 how windy will it get for Monday and Tuesday…. 2 How high to go with temps on Monday and Tuesday….

Today we should see more sun than clouds, still somewhat a cool pool of air sitting overhead most of that has shifted to our East…So I would except to see clouds and showers in far Eastern WI this afternoon. High pressure is forecasted to build into the area…This will allow for a very nice day across the Northwoods.Highs in the lower 70s throughout much of the area, my far Southern areas could reach for the middle 70s. Winds will not be strong today as they were yesterday afternoon. Tonight high pressure overhead will allow for light winds, temps should fall easily into the lower to middle 40s….Only reason why I’m not going with the upper 30s is our winds will become South/Southeast this will allow for WAA to kick in tonight keeping the temps in check. On Monday the high slips to our East/Southeast. A low pressure out west the pressure gradient between the two will allow for our winds to pick up…Thinking is as of right now the strongest winds will be found over in the Southwestern part of MN…..Nevertheless we should see winds in our area from 15 to 20 MPH with gust close to 30 MPH…Models still show rather breezy conditions for Tuesday …II didn’t buy into the 30 MPH winds, how can buy into 10 to 20 MPH with gusts close to 25 MPH…..This will allow for very warm conditions to overtake the area Monday and Tuesday….Highs on Monday close to 80…. Highs on Tuesday middle 80s to upper 80s will be possible…..If we would have more a of Southwest wind component we could have seen temps pushing close to 90….However that is not the case….

A dry cold front pushes through the area on Tuesday night…This gets hung up in the Southern areas…With the front being this close and a pool of cool temps above sure can’t rule out some showers and maybe a storm or two from Wednesday into Friday….Temps will have no were to go but down…Highs will fall into the upper 60s to close to 70s….May see a day or two with temps in the middle 60s..


Next weekend  we start with highs in the lower 70s our highs on Sunday the 16th look to be around the upper 60s to lower 70s. Highs on Monday only in the upper 50s to lower 60s.Dito for Tuesday. A little warmer on Wednesday the 19th  with highs forecasted to be in the middle to upper 60s.Temps cool back off on Thursday, back into the upper 50s to lower 60s. highs on Friday close to 60s with middle 60s far South. Same hold true for Saturday the 22th. And Sunday the 23rd   Monday the 24 highs upper 40s to lower 50s….

Lows through this time frame will be in the 40s with some nights dropping well into the 30s…Looks like we will see out first frost of the fall, may even end our growing season over my Central and Northern parts of the FA…..Looks like this period will be wet…Will be chances of showers along with some thunderstorms…..However the main story will be the temps….Looking at the CPC forecast…..Their 6 to 10 day outlook shows us below normal in temps.Their 8 to 14 day outlook keep us below normal…So that matches up with the long term forecasting models….