Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looking back at August 2012

Looking back at August 2012…

One thing about last month was we saw the heat and humidity break…In fact there was two weeks we saw temps drop below normal for a change……That didn’t last long as we saw the heat and humidity make a strong come back… We did tie a record high of 91 on August 30th..That record was set back in 1974…

We saw 10 thunderstorm days.

We had 2 severe thunderstorm days….

Time to break this down….

Non Severe thunderstorm days are as follows.

1, 2, 9,13, 19, 22, 23, 28.

Total thunderstorm days was 10. This is up by one from last year.

Severe thunderstorm days are as follows.

Late night of the 3rd, early morning hours of the 4th.


There was no tornado watches.

The was 1 severe thunderstorm watch that ran from 10:57 PM of the 3rd to 4 AM  on the 4th.

There was tornado warnings issued.

There was 1 severe thunderstorm warning issued. The warning was issued at 11:39 PM on the 3rd and ran through 12:45 AM on the 4th.

Looking at the month of September.

So what can we except this month….

The avg high temps start off at 75 on the 1st, and cool down to 63 by the 30th.

The avg low starts off 54 on the 1st, and cools down to 41 by the 30th.

Last year we saw a freeze warning issued for the area on the 14 and 15. In fact we had lows middle 20s which brought the end of the growing seasion.

So for those who hate the humid and hot weather…..This month is a month of change…..

Looking at some long range forecasting models…After this heat wave which is forecasted to break tomorrow….Looks like we will see a cool down with temps at or slightly below normal for the rest of the month.