Friday, October 19, 2012

Our winter forecast

This is our winter forecast.....This will be the average through the whole winter….Let’s look at the temp forecast first…We are forecasting near normal temps throughout all of Northeastern MN into a small part of Eastern MN, all of WI, all of MI, parts of Northern IL, IN and OH.(lime shaded areas) Meantime we are forecasting warmer than normal temps for ND,SD,NE IA, small part of IL, small part of Southwestern WI, Southeastern MN up through Western MN….(red shaded areas)

Time to look at the snowfall forecast….

We are forecasting way below normal snowfall for all of MN, Eastern ND,SD Eastern NE, all of IA, All of Southwestern WI into part of Southeastern WI, and just about all of IL….(orange shaded area) We are forecasting near to slightly above normal snowfall for all of MI Eastern IL, Northern IN, OH, most of WI, Most of ND,SD, NE.(blue shaded area)….

Once again this is the winter’s average….Maps below.....