Friday, October 15, 2010

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI

For the most part the forecast looks to be dry with near normal temps through the weekend and much of next week. Tomorrow will be gusty day as a cold front plows the area. Little to no moisture for front to work with, so only expecting some morning clouds.. They will mix out by afternoon as much dry mixes down to the surface winds could gust up to 20 MPH though out much of the FA….Problems do show up on Tuesday-Wednesdays time frame…. Shortwave is forecasted to be North of the area up in Canada however long range models really don’t see eye to eye on this… GFS wants to bring colder air into the area while ECMWF keeps temps warmer… So if GFS is right there could be a chance at some lake effect snows across the snow belt areas. 540 thickness line does drop far enough South to even have a chance of snow as far South as my Central FA areas…. However as of right now am not buying into that….Not sure if I even buy into lake effect snows just yet….

One thing that did catch my eyes is in the longer forecast period Monday the 25 and Tuesday the 26th… Long range models are hinting at a chance of snow for the FA 540 line drops well South of the FA… If this does happen along with an area of low pressure moving through we could very well see out first snowfall of the season … This so far out there in time I sure would not get excited about it just yet, nevertheless it’s some I shall be watching over the next week….