Thursday, October 21, 2010

Major snow storm?

Unreal is the way to sum up what may happen next week....We could be dealing with our first major winter storm of the session.Details below....

High pressure that brought us a cool day is forecasted to move East/Southeast tonight this will allow for winds to back to the Southwest this will aid in keep the temps up some as WAA slowly kicks in…Tomorrow area still under the influence of the high pressure to our East/Southeast and a low pressure system to our Southwest…..Low tonight should drop into the upper 20s and lower 30s throughout the FA….Highs on Friday should be in the upper 50s to lower 60s, won’t be shocked to see a few middle 60s showing up in the Southern parts of the FA….

Saturday is looking wetter for the area a the low pressure system moves Northeast this along with strong jet sitting darn near over head and wit some good moisture returning to the area …Showers will be likely along with a shot at thunderstorm or two as there is some instability forecasted. Will hang out the rain chances right through Sunday….Highs on Saturday should be in the middle 50s while lows stay in the middle 40s…About the same for Sunday…. Looks like Monday will be a repeat of the weekend…..

Now time to talk about the possibility of a major winter storm that could very will hit parts of the FA next week…. Though things are still unclear as timing and how much cold air that will make it down into the system before it pulls away….Along with the track of the storm system…. Things are slowly coming together…..Very strong jet is forecasted to set up from Northern CA across the UT,CO,KS,Northern MO then reaching into Eastern WI. Low pressure is forecasted to move out of the Southwestern States and ride the Jet Northeast wards to South Central WI/Northern IL. As it does the low is forecasted to become stronger by time it reaches Southern WI/into Northeastern WI….. Moisture looks not to be a problem with this system as the GOM is wide open….Now a few things that could go wrong…. First off the track shifts to the West allowing for more warmer air to get pulled into the FA…. Another one is if severe thunderstorms form to the South and rob the moisture flowing North… This is so far out there I sure wouldn’t bet the farm on it…Nevertheless it’s something to watch as it could have impacts on the FA….. Time will only tell….. Will keep updating this forecast…..