Monday, February 11, 2013

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI

Not to many weather problems on tap this week……Some more light snow for today and once again for Wednesday into Thursday….Then we get back into colder air, still not too bad for what it could….If you look at the climate data you will see it’s not uncommon to reach into the -20s…..


At noon skies are cloudy throughout the area, temps middle to upper20s.Winds are gusting up to 26 MPH throughout the area.



SFC low pressure is centered over the Northeastern part of the UP of MI….Still some wrap around moisture flowing into the area, this should allow for some light snow off and on…Thinking is if the area sees an one inch we will be lucky…..Any light snow that falls today should end rather fast as the SFC low treks Northeast and looses it grip on the area…..Pressure gradients between the low and a high pressure system pushing towards the area will cause for a rather blustery day…Wind could gust up close to 30 MPH at times, this will lead to some mirror blowing and drifting snow, I would have be more concerned about it if the snow that fell yesterday and early this morning would have been more drier…..The strongest winds will occur over in Western/Southwestern, to Central MN….. Tonight through Tuesday we see a weak area of high pressure move into the area, this will allow for slowly clearing skies, once the skies clear the temps will drop like a rock with the fresh snow….May see temps falling to around 5 or so…..I would have went below zero, however the question is how fast will the clouds move out…..High pressure will insure us of a mostly sunny day tomorrow….That will be short- lived as an clipper storm system sets it eyes on the FA….We will see a return flow/WAA starting up late Tuesday night, this will increase the clouds…..Wednesday the clipper drops South into the area…This will bring another round of snow….Thinking the more snowfall amounts will be found over Northern MN, still with that said we still could sneak out and inch or two….We will have to watch this, as if it drops more South we could see 2 to 3 inches with some areas around the 4 inch mark……Said system moves out fast and colder air will be moving back into the FA on Thursday….Look for falling temps throughout the day Thursday…Cold air will remain in place through the upcoming weekend…..Lows should fall to around -5 with highs ranging from 10 to 15 above…..So all in all not to bad of a work week ahead…..



We see another clipper type low moving into the area later on Monday (18th ) This will bring another shot of some light snow to the area from Monday night through Tuesday the 19th ….Meanwhile a storm system could bring heavier snows to Southeastern WI on the 19th….We dry out for the 21st….. We find a storm system getting going over CO/KS area on Thursday the 21st. GFS model keep this storm system way to the South. Seeing way to may spreads in the long range forecasting models to even get to excited about this, as it is so way out in there in time…..In fact with so much disagreement going on it is pointless to even keep going with this forecast discussion….So I won’t!!