Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More snow on the way.

Forecast concerns will be the incoming clipper system for later today into Thursday morning…..Then blowing/drifting snow for tomorrow afternoon…..Then the cold temps forecasted throughout the weekend….


Clouds have already took over much of the FA, still some clear to partly cloudy skies found to our North…Looking at the visible satellite those areas up North of us should fill in quickly this morning…..

We find a wide range in temps this morning, where there has been sun temps are close to 30….Superior is sitting at 29 right now, while here in Rice Lake we are at 25…..Want warmer temps head North…..With the cloud cover in place/forecasted to be in place today temps should be kept in check….May see another 2 to 3 degree rise before they steady out…..

Tonight the clipper will be passing over my Southern Counties this will set up and an area of snow for much of the area…..Main snow band should set up Northwestern MN down into Northwestern WI…This should give most of my forecast area at a running chance of seeing form 2 to 4 inches of snow…..1 to 3 in my far Southern parts of My Southern Counties….Meanwhile Southwestern WI and Southeastern MN will be lucky to see an inch of snow…I have those area highlighted for ½ to an inch of snow…..May have to drop those areas…..Will leave them for now……

Tomorrow the low will glide past the area….Snow should be ending in the morning hrs, however strong West/Northwest wind will get going….This will lead to areas of blowing and drifting snow throughout the day…We could see winds gust up to 25 to 28 MPH at times….Temps will be falling after the cold front passage….We still will see clouds with off and on flurries through Friday morning…Friday night skies should slowly clear off then temps will drop to around -5 to -2….If skies clear faster those temps may have to be lowered. Sunday we will see WAA kick in this will allow for temps to get back to normal again…Winter is far from being over folks….Don’t let others make you think it is….Winter is still very much alive and kicking it over the area…..

Here is our low pressure track forecast.

Here is our Snowfall forecast…

Long term forecast will be issued later this evening or tomorrow…..

Hint its going to get cold again…See map below…..