Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Short Term Forecast update Number 2

At 5:34 PM Weather Center's radar is tracking a large area of mod to heavy snow,in the following Counties...Chippewa,Dunn,ST.Croix.Pepin, and Pierce....The mod to heavy snow is lifting Northwards....Should be over taken Barron,Polk,and Rusk Counties within the next hour or so...Winds have also increased across the area so blowing and drifting snow will start to become more of a problem through out the evening....Am going to up the total storm totals to a widespread 8 to 12 inches...With 12 + amounts in the Northern areas of Barron,Rusk Counties,Southern Washburn,Sawyer Counties....Points would be from North of Cumberland over to Canton to Ladysmith line....Then points South of a Trego to Winter....Another area that could see more than 12 + amounts of snow Would be the following Counties...Dunn,Chippewa,and ST.Croix....Points South of line from New Richmond to Wheeler,to just South of Bloomer