Friday, June 17, 2011

The forecast for Western/Northwestern WI

Are you ready for a rather wet weekend?...Have plan b ready to go on the fly…..Though the weekend won’t be a total washout….Outdoor activities could be dampened…Sunday does look to be the better of the two days…Will not play with temps as they look good from last night’s fast forecast….Have decided to push the severe weather threat for Monday out to the Tuesday and Tuesday night time frame….


At 9 AM we find most stations reporting cloudy skies…Ladysmith is reporting Sunny skies checking the Vis satellite this does confirm that report….Temps are in the lower 60d cool spot is Superior with 50….Some Fog still being reporting throughout the area….Wind North/Northeast..


This morning’s weather charts we find a 1004 MB low pressure over far Eastern WI…Meanwhile we also find a serous of low pressure systems from SD right through CO…Today through Saturday .. System out west slowly begin it’s trek towards the FA….Will hold rain chances of until later this evening ..If this system slows more we may be able to salvage this evening…Still moisture over riding a warm front way South of the FA and a cold front slowly moving Eastward will allow for showers and thunderstorms to fire up in MN and move into the FA…Some heavy rain does look like a good bet… No severe thunderstorms are forecasted…Sunday will still keep a chance of showers and thunderstorms around do to how close this system remains to the FA….Monday’s severe weather threat is now null as this have slowed up some….Tuesday through Thursday of next week.. A very strong low pressure system is forecasted to move along the IA/MN border into Southern WI/Northern IL…. This will set the stage for showers and thunderstorms….Some storms may become severe…Will watch it as we get closer to that time frame…High pressure builds into the area for the upcoming weekend….


Looks to be a wet period shaping up for the FA.....Temps still overall are forecasted to remain below norms…No shock there….

FRIDAY 24th ….Dry highs 65 to 70.. Lows 40 to 45…

SATURDAY 25th…. Dry highs 65 to 70 lows 45 to 50

SUNDAY 26th… Showers and thunderstorms highs 70 to 75 lows 55 to 60.

MONDAY 27th and TUESDAY 28th Showers and thunderstorms highs 75 to 80 lows 60 to 65

WED 29th and THU 30th Dry highs 70 to 75 lows 55 to 65.

FRIDAY JULY 1st through SUNDAY JULY 3rd…. Showers and thunderstorms highs 75 to 80 lows starting in the 60s cooling to the lower 50s .


TODAY… Slight chance of showers and thunderstorms… Highs 70 to 75 winds E/SE 5 to 10 MPH.

TONIGHT… Showers and thunderstorms likely…Some heavy rain is possible.. Lows 55 to 60..Winds E/SE 5 to 10 MPH.

SATURDAY and SATURDAY NIGHT… Showers and thunderstorms, some heavy rain still possible mainly in the morning hrs. Highs 68 to 72 Lows middle 50s.

SUNDAY… PC with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms highs 74 to 78 lows 53 to 56.

MONDAY THROUGH WED… Showers and thunderstorms highs starting off in the lower to middle 70s cooling to the middle to upper 60s..Lows starting off in the lower 60s cooling off to the lower to middle 40s… We may even be to warm and may have to really cut temps back through this time frame….


Will keep the trend of below normal temps going from July right through September.. There is no real signs that point to anything otherwise….Will also keep the area wetter than normal through the rest of the summer….

Now there will be hot days there will be dry times… This is an overall forecast once everything is averaged out this is what should happen on guidance’s and trends…..


Fall is shaping up to be near normal to slightly above normal for temps, with precip to be either side of normal….This forecast cycle runs from late Sept through Early Nov…..

This forecast will be refined as we get closer to Sept.