Monday, June 27, 2011

Post storm write up for June 27th storms

Well today was fun didn’t have to drive anyplace the storms came to me…..

Showers and thunderstorms formed along a cold front that pushing through Polk County..ATTM there were rather weakly looking…Near storm environment Showed these storms to really take off by time they reached into well into Western Barron County….They did indeed do that, though not severe…Most of the County didn’t see any rain or storms…The heavier cells passed Along and North of a HWY 48 line…The storms did produce a wind gust here at the office of 45.6 MPH…We also received so small hail…Didn’t really rain a lot just enough to wet the ground here at the office….After the storms passed with the cold front dewpoints took a hit from 65.3 down to 58.5 right now…Temps took a hit as well…Went from 76 down to 71 as of right now….Winds are rather gusty from the North/Northwest from 5 to 10 MPH with gusts up to 20 MPH at times…..

Below are some radar grabs I was able to get, along with some pictures…..Was a fun early afternoon. Storms happened from 1:20 PM to about 2:00 PM.

Below are the pictures as the storm is closing in and after it has moved East/Northeast of the office.