Friday, June 3, 2011

Looking back at May

Time to look back at May...

May was a up and down mouth to say the least…. We had some warm spells, had lots of cold snaps…. Overall temps averaged out colder than normal once again.. We had a hard frost/freeze on May 16th when the temp at the office dropped to a bone chilling 29 degrees.

May 1st and 2nd we had light snow. Ground did get white for a while.

Days that had thunderstorms….

We had 7 thunderstorms day in May.


May 10thth


May 22nd

May 28th


May 31st

We had two severe thunderstorm days..

One on May 22 that did produce a low end EF1 tornado up in the Brill/Mikana areas.

The other one was on May 29th with 1.00 inch hail that fell just Northwest of Cumberland…

Total thunderstorm days =7

Barron County had one tornado watch issued for May 22nd 1 tornado confirmed

Barron County had 2 severe thunderstorm watches issued…

One on May 28th…No severe weather reported.

The other one was on May 29th 1.00 inch hail.

Barron County had 2 severe thunderstorm warnings issued on the 29th first one was from 1:34 PM to 2:00PM The other warning was issued from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM.

The second one was from 4:34 PM to 5:15 PM…

Barron County had 1 tornado warning issued on the 10th.

To refresh everyone’s mind…. Thunderstorm days are when you can hear thunder……

Disclaimer all the above info comes from The Weather Center and is only valid for Barron County, WI.

So what will June hold...Well look for near normal temps the first two weeks then cooler than ave temps..Sure there will a few days with above normal temps, however the ave temps for June are forecasted to below normal...