Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Afternoon update

This afternoon update….I thought about cutting temps back, as winds are still more South…The hot air is found way down South and Southwest  I don’t feel it will make here..Feel middle to upper 80s may be better….The map below shows this rather well…..Will leave temps as are, I sure won’t be shocked if we don’t hit the forecasted highs for today….Plus dewpoints are really climbing fast, this is not helping us warm up to fast…..As we are now hitting the warmest part of the day…. Peak warm period is between 2 PM and 4 PM….

So to sum it up I didn’t cut back on the temps, thought was there to do so…However wording above will cover this if we don’t hit our forecasted highs…..

Radar is showing showers and thunderstorms really taking off in MN….So that will be the case later this evening through the overnight hours….Showers and storm chances better than what was forecasted early…..Still not the greatest up from 20 % to about 40% now….Will keep watching radar trends….