Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great news

The Weather Center has always been the leader in private weather forecasting for Western/Northwestern WI....We will always be.... The great news is we have been forecasting for a Trucker (a friend of mine),who works for Roehl Transport INC...So what does this mean for The Weather Center... Well it means we get to forecast for a much larger area,so far it's be the East of the MS River  to the Eastern Coast areas...So this also means the goals have changed...We now will work on becoming the leader in the private forecasting sector throughout much of the CONUS, this will not effect our leadership in Western/Northwestern WI.... We have and alway will be the top dog in this area for severe weather of all kinds, as some of have noticed we no longer issue forecasts during the dull times We see no reason to, and plus we have been busy with our new adventure ....Rest assure though if we have severe weather of any kind that may effect the Western/Northwestern WI you will have heard it hear first...Unlike other forecasting sites/ blogs who claim there the first or best... Our track record has always spoke for it's self... We want to take this time to thank each and everyone who trusts our forecasts, and thanks for the 100s if not 1000s of emails we get throughout every week.

Just like right now we have been watching a storm system the could effect the area the middle or end of next week...If later model runs keep showing it we will have a detailed forecast on it tonight....