Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI.

Weather pattern is about to change…. Just how long will it last, find out below…A big warm up still in the forecast…We just got to get through tonight and tomorrow night then smooth sailing….Highs by the weekend into the 30s….Will also be a chance for some light snows from time to time…. No big snow storms in the forecast…


At 10 AM skies are sunny across the FA… Temps range from 0 to -4….Winds West/Northwest from 3 to 14 MPH across the area… Wind chills still cold, ranging from -12 to -19….

Some overnight lows….(coldest)

Hayward… -18°

Osceola… -17°

Here at the office.. -15°

Ladysmith… -14°

Siren… -13°

Rice Lake Airport… -11°


Low pressure is centered over Northeastern TX this morning, meanwhile a large ridge of high pressure covers an area from WY and points East and North… Low pressure is found up in Canada the pressure gradient still rather strong between the two features, allowing for rather windy conditions from time to time.. This as help the temps from really falling off last night, though still cold…The Arctic high pressure is forecasted to move closer to the area so winds will slack off...This will allow for temps to be colder tonight…..Thursday WAA slowly kicks in this will allow for clouds to slowly move back into the area…. Temps tomorrow will a little warmer than the last few days…Light snow break out across the area Thursday night, though chances seem low at this time, however with the warm air over riding the cold doom won’t take much lift to get some light snow/flurries going….More WAA kicks in for Saturday so will keep light snow/flurries going…Still really up in the air on rather to keep light snow/flurries going for Sunday under partly cloudy skies or just run with partly cloudy skies… Reason is Sunday night and Monday most models are pointing at more light snow/flurries..Thinking is will run with partly cloudy skies with a scattering of light snow showers/flurries….As stated above temps are forecasted to ramp up into the lower to middle 30s this weekend…. I would not be shocked to see a few 40s throughout my far Southern Counties… The warm air keeps flowing in as a large upper level ridge builds into the Central CONUS…. Will keep highs in the lower to middle 30s for now… May have to warm them some….Lows will start well below zero then warm to the lower to middle 20s this weekend….


Western states become stormy…Meanwhile we will still be warm… Next chance at precip come about the 16th -17th time frame… This could fall as rain throughout much of the FA as a frontal boundary works East … Low pressure system is forecasted to eject out of the Western states into Northeast CO by the 18th this will keep the Southerly winds flowing into the area, hence keeping us warm…. May be pushing 40 or higher by this time frame….Later in the day of the 18th the low pressure system is forecast to be over East central IA with short-wave just North of MN this will allow thickness values to fall back off so will have a chance at rain then snow… Meanwhile a large trof of cold air builds into the Western states….. Late Friday night into Saturday morning my Central and Northern areas could be dealing with accumulating snows… Depending on how fast the colder air can get into the system will be the main factor on how much snow shall fall….So there will be another shot of colder air from this point through the 23rd before the upper level ridge builds out West and pushes back into the forecast area on the 24th the Warmer air does get pushed a little South of the FA on the 25th… However by this point in time most of the COUNS is warmer…. There may still be some cooler temps off and on… Overall temps do look to warm up rather nice… Any shot of cold air looks short-lived … Only system that will need to be watched is the one for the 18th/19th …..


TODAY… Sunny highs from 5 to 10.Winds West/Northwest 10 to 15 MPH.

TONIGHT… Most clear lows from -10 to -20… Winds becoming light/calm.

THURSDAY…. Increasing clouds with highs from 10 to 15. Winds South/southwest 5 to 10 MPH.

THURSDAY NIGHT…. Cloudy small chance of light snow/flurries. Lows from 0 to 5…

FRIDAY…. Cloudy small chance of light snow/flurries. Highs 20 to 25.

FRIDAY NIGHT…. Mostly Cloudy small chance of light snow/flurries… Lows 10 to 15.

SATURDAY… Cloudy small chance of light snow/flurries. Highs from 28 to 34.

SATURDAY NIGHT…. Mostly cloudy small chance of light snow/flurries…. Lows 20 to 25.

SUNDAY – MONDAY…. Mostly cloudy with small chances of light snow/flurries… High lower to middle 30s with lows in the lower 20s with upper teens for Monday night.

TUESDAY…. Mostly sunny… Highs lower to middle 30s…..

Note Some 40s could be realized throughout this time frame…..Along with 40s possible in the beginning of the long term forecast….