Saturday, February 19, 2011



After going through more data I have decided to up snowfall amounts so will issue a new updated map shortly… Looks like a rather large area of the forecast area could see 10 to 15 inches of snow…. Map will be out shortly.

Strong low pressure system is forecasted to track into Southern IA then into IL before exiting the area Monday… The track of said storm will allow for heavy snow throughout much of the FA…. Main areas will be South a line from a Burnett to Sawyer Counties…. Areas South of this line could see snowfall amounts ranging from 10 to 15 inches of snow…. North of this line 5 to 8 inches of snow…. With 3 to 5 inches in my Northern zones… LES still possible in the Lake Superior snow belts…With around 5 inches up there….A little concerned that this may not be realized as drier air looks like it could work into this area shutting down the LES machine…… I have decided to up the snowfall totals for my Southern zones, as it appears colder air will work in a little faster than previously thought…Still a little concerned about doing this as there will still be plenty of sleet and periods of FRZ rain before switching over to all snow… However to keep up with the trends will up snow amounts there also……Timing of the snow….Early Sunday morning between 12 AM -1 AM for the FA…. The heavy snow will start in ernest right around day break for most of the FA heavy snow will start later in the morning for the Eastern areas on Sunday….Timing could change, short term forecast can handle that just fine and dandy…Winds will become a player with this system causing considerable blowing and drifting snow Sunday late morning through Monday morning… This along with the falling snow will lead to white conditions ATTMs mainly in rural areas with little trees….Travel will become very dangerous to nearly impossible by Sunday afternoon through Sunday evening….Models have slowed down this system so will keep snow going through much of Monday morning if this trend keeps up in the next few runs we may have to keep snow going right through Monday afternoon before wording light snow… Will worry about tomorrow…. Also with the slower speed is why we have went with higher totals…..

Now is the time to get ready for this major snowstorm….If you must travel tomorrow keep a winter safety kit in your vehicle…. Let someone know you times of departure and time of arrival… If you should become stranded remain with your vehicle and call for help if you have a cell phone….Wait for help…. This is a dangerous winter storm…. Stay tuned to your local news media or the NWS weather radio, and to The Weather Center for more updates on this winter storm…..
Snowfall map forthcoming....
Forecasters Dirk/Paul......