Monday, February 21, 2011

Short term forecast number 7.

Heavy snow lasted longer than thought in the short term forecast number 6….Mod to sometime heavy snow continues for Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Iron, Price  Polk, Sawyer, St. Croix, and Washburn Counties… Another 1 to 4 inches of snow should fall throughout said Counties before ending later today….  Here at the office Mod to heavy snow still falling…. See pictures below….Winds aren’t as strong as yesterday and last night, however there still is a lot of blowing drifting going on here at the office…..
Once again I don't understand why some reprts from the area are much lower than mine...Hence is why I have been taking pictures when I take readings...Is it cuz people have a hard time taking readings with blowing and drifting snow, could be I know there are times I have a problem with it...I don't really know...I think the NWS should train people to take snow readings...Just my 2 cents...