Friday, October 14, 2011

October snow is it rare or not?

Snow in October, how rare or un-rare is it?

Looking back at the year of 2009 we had we had 5 snow days….Days that had snow days are as follows.

Oct 10… 1/4'”

Oct 12…. 3.30”

Oct 15… 2.00”

Oct 23 and early morning hours of the 24 for a total of….3.75”

Monthly total was 9.30” of snow for 2009..

See this link for October 2009 posts and pictures.

Look back at the year of 2010 we had 1 snow day.

Oct 27 we picked up ½” of snow…..

So really it is not rare to see snow in October, its rather normal…What is rare is the Halloween blizzard of 1991.. So don’t be fooled by anyone saying “snow in October is rare”