Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another year without a spring?? could be.

Bad enough it was looking like another year without spring,then I read this and if this does happen no spring again this year,just like last year still had snow falling from the skies in May, and last year's so called spring was way below normal in the temp dept..Winter will make a come back and many won't like it!  All signs have been pointing to it for the last few weeks....Don't think it will be as cold as  -30 below, but it is possible.... Looks like our winter forecast could still be right on track..... Here is the a very interesting read.....Does look like they are buying into everything we have been saying for the last few weeks.... Sorry warm weather fans...You best had enjoyed the warmth we had and will have the rest of this week into much of next week, After that all bets are off.