Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time to look back at January 2012

This info come from The Weather Center's office....
Looking back at January 2012…
January was a rather warm month…However did have two nights were temps did fall to 20 below and a few other nights were temps were below zero…Two days temps never got a bove 0 for highs….So when we average this all out temps will average to slighly above normal here at the office….Down in my Southern zones temps were much above normal….

We had 10 snow days….Day on which snow of > than 0.25 inches had fallen.

01/01 we had 6.00 inches of snow.

01/11 and01/12 two day total was 3.75 inches of snow.

01/18 we had 1.50 inches of snow.

01/23 we had 4.50 inches of snow.

01/24 and 01/25 two day total was 3.25 inches of snow.

01/27 we had 2.75 inches of snow.

01/30 we had 1.00 inches of snow.

This gives us a total of 22.75 inches of snow for this month….

January 2011 we had 22.50 inches of snow…So this year and last year we neck in neck of snowfall totals. 2012 just above last year's reading......