Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ground breaking news at The Weather Center!

Once again The Weather Center is on ground breaking forecasts…We are happy to announce we will start bringing you a new product. As of right now our forecast goes out to 384 hours. This is called our long term forecast… Our new product will be called “The extended long term forecast”……This product will go out to 1092 hours in time….After spending the last few months studying this model... I’m happy to say we will start using it. Everything we have seen with this model has been close to if not right on track….Has a much better track record than GFS has in the middle and long term forecast, though we will still look at GFS model our long term will be geared more in line with this new model. In fact we have been using this model over GFS much of this winter, along with other long range models…..This model will also allow for us to give you our new product the longer term forecast……We are very excited about this….

Our Southwesterly neighboring blog Weather 4 You will also start to use this model as well …As Paul and I have spent countless hours/months studying this model.

In other news we may be dropping our far two Northern Counties that boarder Lake Superior, as Our Northwesterly neighboring blog, Tim’s Weather blog has those areas covered.