Thursday, February 2, 2012

Colder air a coming!

Enjoy the warm weather some changes are coming in the weather pattern....Warm air will hang around through about the first part to maybe to middle part of next week....After that cold air if forecasted to drain into the area....Could be cold enough to put temps back to below zero by next weekend....Still a few things that need to be worked out, however all signs have been pointing to this change for the last week in a half now.....
Looks like the rest of this week will remain warm and dry...Tonight fog is a likely bet once again...Could be freezing for around also.....Temps should range from the middle 30s to middle 40s across the area...Cooler were there is still a snow pack....First cold front blasts through the area on Monday late afternoon early evening...This will throw temps back below 32....Stronger Arctic cold front races through sometime next Thursday... The real bitter cold air should arrive next Friday/ Friday night's frame......Next weekend looks cold! There are some hints at a possible snow storm by next weekend.....Welcome back to winter at end of next week!!!