Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heavy snow late in the weekend/early next week...Or not?

The latest computer model runs still show the chance at heavy snow throughout my Central and Northern areas….A mix of precip will be possible in my far Southern central areas…Looks like an all rain event for my Southern Counties….Storm is still days out, however models are starting to focus on the track…See our new map below….This could still change but it does look like things are coming together on this forecasted track….I did do some blending of the data…Warm air looks to move more North so my Southern areas should see just all rain, may change over to some light snow before ending…..Could see some thunderstorms around in that area…With a chance at some thunder snow in parts of Central and Northern areas….Still way too early to try to pinpoint accumulations…..Areas is the blue shaded area stands the best bet to see heavy snow ATTM….

For my local area…..Snow should start on Sunday and last through Monday…….What is interesting some of the models hinting at another snowstorm for next Wed/Thur time frame…..