Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Frost is possible

First frost of the season is possible for tonight!
Current Conditions.
Most stations reporting temps in the lower to middle 40s .The cold spot this morning is up in International Falls with a temps of 37° Areas of fog also being reported this is also is being confirmed by the fog satellite imagery,other that clear skies are the rule....
1025 MB high pressure is forecasted to drift out of ND into Northwestern MN and into North central MN today..Winds will be lighter than yesterday...Temps will still remain rather cool for August's terms...We shouldn't be dealing with the CU today like we had yesterday so the sunshine will make it feel warmer than yesterday..Lower 70s seems to be the way to go for today...
High pressure strengthens to around 1020 MB tonight...The cold dome of high pressure will move right over the area ..With light to clam winds and clear skies this will allow radiation cooling to reach it's peak...All of this combined will allow for a chilly night....Temps should drop into the middle 30s across much of the area..Warmer near Lake Superior...Some of our cold spots could drop into the upper 20s to lower 30s by daybreak Monday Morning...This will allow for the possibility for areas of patchy frost tonight....I'm still on the edge of my seat on if this will be a widespread event...Could very well be...Then again may not be...More info on this later in the day after I see a few more computer runs and computer guidance..So far I'm liking the MAV over the other ones...So that is what I based my temps on