Sunday, August 9, 2009

Burkhardt storm damage pictures

Got to meet Derek today,was a pleasure meeting you Derek...We head out for the Burkhardt area...We found a corn field that for the most part was flatten,however the corn was laying in different directions...We also saw many trees downed and or snapped off,once again they where laying in different directions, (trees from 4"to 12"in dim)....Talk to a few people from the area...The one home owner had his garage blown apart,shingles also missing from parts of his roof...He was telling us they heard sucking sounds and also felt the sucking...They also discovered their little black lap was sucked out of it's kennel...The fence on that kennel was about 4 to 6 feet high...Dog did look still shaken up from the ordeal...From what I have seen and from what the wits have told us looks like a tornado did go through that area...We will know for sure once the NWS does their survey of the area...
Storm damage pictures from the Burkhardt area...1 or 2 mile N/NW of the township of St.Joseph