Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drought condition report

Despite the rainfall we picked up on Friday/Friday night the FA is under a extreme drought.As one drivers around the area you can see how this long term drought has took it's toll on the corn.Ears this year are small unlike other years.Farmers are worried that the corn won't reach mature levels before the first killing frost,which may happen for parts of my FA.See forecast for that.Drought conditions should slowly see improve as we head deeper into fall.This won't help the crops mainly the corn as many farmers through out the FA have reported to us that we needed more warm humid air and needed it sooner.Also not enough rainfall during the period when the corn needed it the most.Farmers are saying they my not break even on this years corn crop.However some of the other crops are doing rather well as we did get little rain when it was needed the most for them crops.Ok back to the drought improving.As we head more into fall.After we get our killing frost this will stop the vegetation from drinking up the what rainfall that happens.This will help with the rivers and Lakes along with the ground water supply.

Ok since there has been some debate to as some areas doing better than others we are forced into taken these steps now.Points North of a Balsam Lake to Canton over to Ladysmith have seen less rainfall through out the time frame from April through now.So these are the areas that have the worst impacts from this long term drought.Points South of said line are doing a little better as them areas did see a tad bit more rainfall.Mainly them areas did get the rain when it was needed the most.Dirk and I drove around most of the our FA looking at the corn crop and talking with many farmers.This is how we can up with said line above..Many Counties covered and many long miles covered.Not only did we drive around but we looked at a lot of radar date well into the late hours last night from April through now.This matches up rather well with our research we did yesterday.If we have no big systems effecting area next weekend we will have a detailed write up on the long term drought along with pictures.That should put the argument to rest.

Studies done by Forecasters Paul/Dirk.
Write up done by Forecaster Paul.
Forecast below done by Forecaster Dirk.
Pictures of Orion taken by Dirk.