Sunday, September 6, 2009

Silver Lake

As you can see with all the rain we got in the last few weeks it sure din't help out the areas lakes at all...Most areas are still running from 6 to 8 inches below normal in the precp dept since jan 1 09...Temps this weekend have been above normal during the day,and below normal at night....Did do digging into the heating and cooling degree days..Found this rather interesting...Let talk about cooling degree day first...From Jan 1st through now....there as only been 293 the normal value is 537 this is -244 below normal...Last year he had 387 cooling degree days that was-150 below normal...So the last 2 years temps have been well below normal..Lets now talk about heating degree days...Was your heating bill more this year...This would be why... Since Jan 1st there has been 107 heating degree days normal value is 64...
this is 43 above normal..Last year we had 44 degree heating days which still buts us at 21 above normal....Normak temps for today high of 74 low of 52...Record high for today is 100 set back in 1922..That record will be safe,though temps will be above normal today...Record low is 37 set back in 1988..This record is also safe...lows tonight should be either side of normal.....Like all od my pictures click to see full size!