Friday, July 16, 2010


It appears we are looking face to face with yet another severe weather outbreak for Saturday late afternoon and into the overnight hrs throughout the FA... A warm front is forecasted to move through the area also a cold front will be advancing East/Southeastwards toward the FA this will bring in higher dewpoints .... temps in the middle to upper 80s may see a few 90s is some spots...The limiting factor to the severe weather threat is twofold 1st one being the strong cap that is forecasted to be in place and the 2nd one is timing of the system....Either way we shall have very good SFC heating throughout Saturday...With said fronts coming in later in the day the cap is forecasted to be weaken this will allow for severe thunderstorms to rear their ugly heads once again... This severe weather should be in two waves...One along the warm front then the other one along the cold front... This could be another dangerous situation more so as this could last into the overnight hrs..

Will have a better handle on this either later this evening or tomorrow morning.