Sunday, December 26, 2010

Don't believe any thing you see or hear about this late week storm... See below onto why..

Well after 2.50 inches of snow that fell on the 23 -24 we will have dull forecast through much of the week… Later in the week we are watching a storm system that could bring us all kinds of precip…. I’m not going to talk about it this far out really makes no since at this time…Here is why… From the time the long range forecasting models picked up on this… There has been no agreement between them… The track of the system keeps changing, the amount of warm are that may get this far North keeps changing back and forth….So we will talk about this once things become better in line….. However people that do have plans to be on the roads on Dec 31 through New Years should keep up with the forecasts…. Tune into The Weather Center throughout the upcoming days for the latest forecast on this storm system… I would not believe what you hear or see on this storm system not yet….. If you were to you say its going to be all snow, or you can say it’s going to be an ice storm, or you could say its going to be all rain, or you can say it won’t happen at all….. Yes this is what I have been hearing and also reading….