Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter storm update along with snowfall amounts.Updated my snow amount@11:37 AM

So far from the reports I have been seeing does look the forecast verified rather well… So lets take a look at some of the reports… Reports can from the NWS in the Twin Cities and Duluth….

As of 8:21 Am 4 miles North of Grantsburg 2.00”…. Burnett County

As of 4:32 AM Saroina 0.05”… Washburn County

Those are the only reports so from the Duluth NWS….

As of 8:40 AM here at the office 6 miles Northwest of Rice Lake 3.00”... Barron County

As of 8:00 AM Augusta 4.20”... Eau Claire County

As of 8:07 AM Bloomer 3.00” ...Chippewa County

As of 8:06 AM 3 miles North of Cameron 2.30”.... Barron County

As of 7:43 AM Elk Mound 3.80”... Dunn County

As of 7:05 AM Baldwin 5.00”.... ST. Croix County

As of 6:22 AM New Richmond 4.60”.... ST. Croix County

As of 6:32 AM Jim Falls 2.06”... Chippewa County

AS of 1:45 AM 5 miles Southeast of Eau Claire 3.00”... Eau Claire County.

Now on to some reports from late last night early morning hrs… Some of these areas may report a little more,however with matching these up with the late morning reports I don’t expect the amount to change that much…

As of 12:45 AM Menomonie 3.00”... Dunn County

As of 12:00 AM New Richmond 3.00”.... St. Croix County, as seeing above they didn’t pick up much more….

As of 12:25 AM 5 miles Southeast of Eau Claire 2.00”.... Eau Claire County…..

As of 12:20 AM Clayton 2.00”... Polk County..

That is most of the reports as of now…..Again I really don’t expect them to change a lot….
As of 11:37 AM here at the office we picked up another 0.75" of snow that brings the total up to 3.75" as of right now....