Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Update on past weekends blizzard

The deadly blizzard of Dec 11-13 has took 4 lifes....
MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Authorities blame at least four deaths on the weekend snowstorm.

In Western Wisconsin, 58-year-old Kenneth Swanson of rural River Falls was killed when a metal shed collapsed from the heavy snow, pinning him under debris and about 3 feet of snow.

Also Saturday, 79-year-old Clifford Larson was using a snow blower at the end of his driveway in St. Croix County's Woodville when he was hit and killed by a snow plow.

In Southern Wisconsin, Alejandria Abaunza died when the SUV in which she was a passenger, slipped off Interstate 39 near Milton and hit several trees.

In Central Wisconsin, a man is dead from hypothermia after his van got stuck in the snow.