Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fast forecast

Notice this is going to a fast forecast,hope to go more in details tomorrow, depending how I feel.
Are you ready for the Arctic blast? if not to late... Temps are going to drop tonight into the single digits, if we can get the clouds to move out sooner we could go below zero with the fresh snow pack....Tomorrow look for highs in the lower teens under mostly sunny conditions....Sunday night temps will range from -10 to +3....This cold trend holds right through Wednesday...Slightly warmer on Wednesday...GFS and ECMWF are is rather good agreement on the next clipper forecasted to bring another round of accumulating snows to the FA Thrusday and Thursday night...The track looks to be more North this time around, which would bring the heavier snows North.. So as it looks right now most of the FA will get more snowfall... To early to to figure out amounts ATTM... The system does look to be just as strong as this past one..
LES still look to be a problem for my LES belts in Ashland and Iron Counties...Through 1 PM tomorrow..As much as 4 to 6 inches could fall in those areas...