Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Updated forecast

Just as thought highs never made it into the 40s…Nevertheless it was a rather warm day… Lots to talk about in the very short term through the weekend…One big mess we will try to work out…


Temps at this hr are in the middle 30s…Skies range from clear to partly cloudy with hazy…Winds are out of the South for the most part 7 to 16 MPH with some gusts up to 21 MPH…..Dewpoints in the middle 20s to upper 20s..


First off tonight fog will become quit thick across much of the FA…This will also lead to some freezing drizzle Lows tonight shall fall back into middle 20s…Tomorrow’s system is not as bad as once thought… All the snow will remain over in MN, however my Central and Northern zones shall see freezing rain throughout much of the day… There are some indications that may still be some plain old rain mainly in my Southern zones….. I still think models are over doing the warm air coming in as today was a great example of that… If I would have ran with what the models were saying for highs today they would have been in the lower to middle 40s across much of the area… So still liking the idea to keep temps below model guidance, which would lead to more freezing rain versus rain…. First Low pressure is forecasted to move out of Southwestern KS into Southeastern MN, then almost right over head another reason to run with colder temps for the FA as we are on the border line of much warmer air to our East and Southeast…. Right now don’t feel the freezing rain will be a major ice event as was thinking early this week….As the low pulls off the Northeast it will drag a cold front through the area this front is forecasted to stall just to the East of my FA…

Second and deeper low pressure to effect the area…. This low is forecasted to ride up along the stalled cold front late Friday night into Saturday this low will be just East of the forecast area so for now will keep the snowfall map below …. There still is some timing issues and the track is still somewhat up in the air.. Though models have trended this secondary low a little more to the East…. Thinking Friday through Friday night will be an all snow event for the area…. With a small chance of snow in the afternoon on Saturday…. Models do agree that this system will be a wind jammer so what snow does fall will be blown around on New Year’s day…. Temps on Friday will be falling from the upper 20s to low 30s Friday morning into the teens by Friday evening….. Cold temps will once again rule through Wednesday of next week…Also should be dry through Sunday through Wedensday…..