Friday, July 22, 2011

Part two severe weather write up.

Tuesday started off as any other chase day…Checking the computer models and SFC OBS along with everything else…Had two choices…1 I could sit home and wait for the storms to come to me or two head North….Well I decided to head North….I know I said I would never chase up North again, however I had to give it a try…..So after playing around with some morning non severe cells, it was time to book to just Southwest of Oliver, WI. Looking at the radar I figured ok I need to drop a little more South so I did…. Well sitting there I was trying to figure out if I Should stay or head into MN to make a long story short I stayed…Was a great play on my part first batch of severe storms rolled through, so did the fog so no pictures of those storms….Then the next batch of storms took off these looked to heading Central and Southern Douglas/Northern Washburn Counties…..So South I headed…Not too much to write home about those storms….What was next in line for was……I did get a little break in the action from 20:27 through 21:54 than again from 22:20 to about 23:00..After 23:00 that’s when the main show took place in from Just South of Wascott to Just North of Trego… That storm produce winds that I recorded of 59 MPH it took out many tress along HWY 53…I’m sure there was damage to the East also…Come to find out later there was…Northeast Barron/Southwestern Sawyer Southeastern Washburn, and Northwestern Rusk Counties got hit with some very large hail and areas of damaging winds.

A fast view of the setup….
A warn front was Just North of Barron County…Mainly was setup through Central Burnett, Washburn, and Sawyer Counties…Wind shear and instabilities were really great along and North of the front, really is was good in most areas…Thunderstorms blew up over in MN and rode down along the warm front and instability/wind shear axis… With each way of severe thunderstorms this helped slowly push the frontal boundary South throughout the day…So this was the best choice was to play along the warm front…. I ended up running along HWY 53 known that there were some areas good enough to view the storms…After that line of storms pushed East Southeast I waited for the next batch of storms…Those were the ones I got the lightning video of…. After I got done playing with shelf’s , hail, blinding rains I thought why not try to get that cell in Northeastern Polk County… Headed for caught it, but by this time it was slowly weaken, plus daylight was fading fast…Called the chase off then…. I had enough for one day anyway…..

Below are a few pictures of the storm that caused the most damage… Won’t really post to many cause the video shows most of what I took as stills.

Below are a few damage pictures I was able to get along HWY 53.

Below is the Reflectivity loop using level 2 data as it shows the finer details.You will have to click on the radar to get the loop to play...

Below is the Radial Velocity loop, once again using level 2 data…. Level 3 data is good for out in the field won’t eat up bandwidth as level does learned that the hard way.