Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wisconsin tornado county/Barron County severe weather count.

Wisconsin tornado count so far in 2011 is up to 31 so far. We will break this down evening more….

EFO tornadoes = 8

EF1 tornadoes = 16

EF2 tornadoes = 6

EF3 tornadoes = 1

EF4 and EF5 tornadoes = 0

The NWS reports that tornadoes happened only on 6 days so far this year…

April 10th

May 22nd

June 8th

June 19th

June 21st

July 1st

The counties in Wisconsin that have see tornadoes thus far this year are as follows.

Adams, Barron, Brown, Calumet, Dane, Dodge, Douglas, Eau Claire, Florence, Fond du Lac, Forest, Green Lake, Juneau, Langlade, Lincoln, Outagamie, Price, Waushara, Waupaca, and wood.

The average yearly tornado for the period from 1981 through 2010 is 23 tornadoes….So we are above average by 8 tornadoes so far this year.

The above information is preliminary….

Here is the monthly break downs of the average tornadoes per month. This is the official average from 1981 through 2010.

Jan 0.1

Feb 0.0

Mar 0.2

April 1.2

May 3.4

Jun 7.5

July 5.6

Aug 3.1

Sep 1.8

Oct 0.3

Nov 0.1

Dec 0.0

Total 23.1 tornadoes….

All the above information comes from the NWS….

The information below comes from The Weather Center.

From Jan through July 12 we have had 5 severe thunderstorms days…. Severe thunderstorm days are classified as follows….1 we have recorded a wind speed > than 58 MPH…2 Saw hail > than 1 inch. 2 Saw a tornado.3 saw wind damage from thunderstorms…. We also used spotters/chasers reports from the NWS to help us figure the number of severe thunderstorm days… We do not take into account the warnings that were issued in the severe thunderstorm day numbers…..

So with that all said so far this year we have had 5 severe thunderstorm days….We will break this down by month….

Jan 0

Feb 0

Mar 0

April 1…on the 10th

May 2…. On the 22nd and the 29th

June 0

July 2….on the 1st and on the 10th

Total so far is 5 severe thunderstorm days…..

This information is Preliminary.

So how does this year for severe thunderstorms compare to last year…..

Last year to this date of July 12 there was only 1 severe thunderstorm day that was on July 11 2010… Last year our severe weather really didn’t get going until the week of the 11th in July….Total severe thunderstorm days last year is 11….

So by far this has been a really active severe weather season compared to last year so far…Just like I told a bunch of people who asked me how I think the severe weather will be this year…I said it will be an active year…So far it has been…We shall see if that trend keeps going….