Saturday, August 6, 2011

Northern Lights chase log and pictures.

Northern Lights chase log for August 5th and 6th.

To make this long log short….Lets say this the clouds moved in and then tried to clear out, however thunderstorms decided to form to my West, South, and East…. So I knew I had to head North….Got out of the clouds around the Tergo area… After spending some time trying to find a clear view of the North. I got back on HWY 53 and headed for Gordon took HWY Y out East of town for awhile found a somewhat clear view…This show was not the best show I have seen, don’t get me wrong I did enjoy it… I had to fight bears for about an hour that was not fun…..Then I didn’t know there was power lines..So now this state of WI is called the land of hills, tress, and fn power lines! For being out in the middle of nowhere there should not have been power lines….Anyway drove 60+ miles to get this show….Called it a night around 2:15 AM as clouds and fog started to take over the area…. So now its official I’m a Northern Lights chaser!!!.. Before I would sit at the end of my driveway…. The way all the media hype was there was no way I was going to miss this show…. Well I was wondering why I drove that many miles for really nothing. Would I do it again ? Heck yes!....