Saturday, November 19, 2011

11/19/2011 winter storm chase

Today was very interesting winter storm chase....I started at Trego and ended up heading to Gordon...Light snow started to fall around 12:19 PM just North of Trego....I decided to go further North...Once the heavy started it got very heavy very fast...Went to like 5 to 6 inches of snow like in a matter of an hour it seemed liked....53 was in bad condition before,well that very heavy snow made it worse....Snowflakes were big as half dollars...Could hardly see in front of you...The pictures I took in those conditions were nothing but crappy...All white...Would have been ok if I was close enough to buildings or something....Decided to head back South, as I didn't have nothing with me to stay the night any where....Saw lots of accidents one roll over by Spooner...Got home and now I'm able to post the pictures and videos from today....We ended up with 3 inches of snow back here at the office....

Video links below.