Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wisconsin 2011 tornadoes.

Total Wisconsin tornadoes for 2011 is at 38 which is above normal…..Wisconsin normally sees an average of 23 tornadoes per year…So we are 15 tornadoes above normal….

The FA saw a grand total of 5 tornadoes….Lets break this down even more, by the Counties that saw tornadoes, along with their ratings.


1 Tornado on 05/22/2011 was rated an EF1.


2 Tornadoes… Both rated EF1 both happened on 04/10/2011


1 Tornado this was rated as an EF2…This tornado happened on 07/01/2011


1 Tornado, this was rated as an EF0….This tornado happened on 07/19/2011

The strongest tornado happened in Douglas County, while the weakest tornado was found over in Polk County.

All of the above info comes from the NWS....