Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI

Light snow likely for tonight and tomorrow morning…Than heavy snow possible for the weekend mainly Saturday and Saturday night..Then Arctic air later in the short and middle term, along with the long term forecast…Which will not be issued today do to time.

At 10 AM Skies are partly cloudy to cloudy…Temps range from the upper 20s to lower 30s…New Richmond is reporting 34 that may be wrong when looking at other stations….Winds for the most part are light from the South/Southwest

This morning’s SFC weather charts..We see an areas of high pressure from TX up to the Great Lakes…A cold front is in Northwestern MN through Central ND….A weak area of low pressure is centered North of central MT a cold front extends South/Southwest from said low into Northern CA…By tonight the cold front is forecasted to pushing through the area. A low pressure system is forecasted to move along the frontal boundary From Mt into Western MN than the Northern Twin Cities through Southern Polk Barron than over to Door County….System is rather weak, however there shall be enough lift and moisture to kick out some light snows…. Looks like 1 to 3 inches will be possible mainly over my Central and Northern areas, mainly North of the storm track with 1 an inch possible over my Southern areas…Far Southern areas could see ½ of snow.
We get a break in the action for Late Thursday through Friday…Now onto the possible winter storm for the weekend….
ATTM there are still many things that could go wrong with this system….On Friday we will see the area basking under a high pressure…A strong cold front is forecasted to over Central MT back into ID and OR..We will find a storm system forming over the TX panhandle…Cold front is forecasted to move into and through the area on Saturday, this does slow up some as it gets just East of the FA…This will allow for the storm system to our Southwest to ride Northeast along the frontal boundary… This will allow for a band of heavy snow form South Central MN in the FA..Moisture shouldn’t be a problem as this storm system will drag up plenty from the GOM….Cold air will be in place, however there may be some issues as far as all snow or rain and snow mix in my far Southern FA before it changes to all snow…This could hold amounts down in those areas…..Now if the push of cold air moves faster than forecasted this would throw the cold front into Eastern WI, hence the low would be way to the East…If this pans out the Central and Eastern WI would see the heavy snows… Still tons to work out on this system….For now am going to run with first track of this system….Either way this system will be a fast hitter…Sunday we should see mostly sunny skies before a clipper like system brings in a shot a light snow, and more cold air.


TODAY. Increasing clouds. Highs 30 to 35

TONIGHT. Cloudy snow likely. Snow accumulations from half to an inch possible. Lows 27 to 30.

THURSDAY. Cloudy snow likely. Snow accumulations one to two inches possible in the morning. Highs around 30.

THURSDAY NIGHT. Clear lows 10 to 15

FRIDAY. Sunny highs 24 to 27

FRIDAY NIGHT. Clear lows 20 to 25

SATURDAY. Cloudy a chance of snow, highs around 30

SATURDAY NIGHT. Cloudy a chance of snow, lows around 20

SUNDAY. Partly sunny highs 20 to 25

SUNDAY NIGHT. Partly cloudy than mostly cloudy with a chance of snow lows 10 to 15

MONDAY. Cloudy with a chance of snow highs 20 to 25

MONDAY NIGHT. Mostly cloudy cold lows 5 to 10

TUESDAY. Partly cloudy highs 17 to 22