Monday, November 21, 2011

The forecast for Western and Northwestern WI

Like the warm fall we have been having overall? Then you will like this forecast, snow lovers hang in there. Overall temps will be above normal with little rain or snow this week….Next shot of rain comes in about Friday, more details on that below…

At noon skies are cloudy through most of the FA Ashland is reporting sunny skies as of now..Satellite does show this….Temps are in the middle 20s to lower 30s…..Winds are light from the S/SW.
Here is the SFC map.

Ridge of high pressure is sitting over head, however it remains cloudy as an inversion has also setup overhead….Should see more clouds than sun today….Will keep clouds in forecast for tonight…Temps going to be tricky where there is a snowpack temps will remain cooler than other areas…Temps should remain in check with tonight’s clouds however if any breaks do happen over the snowpack areas temps could dive into the teens…For now will run with upper teens to lower 20s. That should cover the bases rather well…..Tomorrow will run with partly cloudy skies to account for the Southern system as it may try to spread more clouds into the area RH fields off the 850 and 700 MB charts shows this rather well. Tuesday we see a and weak low pressure system over Canada this will start to drag a warm front towards and through the FA Wednesday….This will allow for temps to warn into the 40s could see some 50 degree reading in my far Southern areas…Looks like the record highs will be safe!. Thanksgiving day looks to be warm and sunny….Next chance of precip come in for Friday as a cold front slowly starts to work this way. Really not to thrilled about rain or snow chances attm…Temps will take a dive…. So to recap temps will be above norms this week and through the Thanksgiving weekend…Slight chance of precip…Holiday travel plans around the area look to be in good shape with no big rain or snow makers…..


TODAY. Cloudy highs 30 to 35

TONIGHT. Cloudy lows 19 to 22

TUESDAY. PC highs 30 to 32.

TUESDAY NIGHT. Clear lows 19 to 21

WEDNESDAY. Sunny highs 35 to 40

WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Clear lows 24 to 28

THANKSGIVING DAY. Sunny highs 28 to 43

THURSDAY NIGHT. Increasing clouds, lows 30 to 35

FRIDAY. Cloudy with a slight chance of rain showers. Highs 40 to 45

FRIDAY NIGHT. Cloudy slight chance of rain mixing with some snow. Lows 30 to 35

SATURDAY. Cloudy rain mixing with and changing to light snow showers. Highs 35 to 40 than falling.

SATURDAY NIGHT. Cloudy light snow showers ending, lows 23 to 27

SUNDAY. PC highs 30 to 35.


Confidence levels are really low if the precip forecast….Levels are a little better in the temps…..Long range models are showing a low pressure system to take hold of the FA starting Monday the 28th and traveling around upper Midwest through the 3rd of Dec…. Models want to cutoff this low…If this does indeed happen we could be looking a long period of snow…Temps are forecasted to fall well below norms through the long range…..Most likely this long term forecasted will be updated….


28th. Rain/snow changing to all snow…Highs 30 to 35 lows 20 to 25

29th snow may be mixed with rain off and on…Highs 30 to 35 lows 20 to 25

30th. Snow highs 25 to 30 lows 15 to 20

1st . Snow highs 20 to 25 lows 15 to 20

2nd Snow highs 20 to 25 lows 1o to 15

3rd Snow highs 20 to 25 lows 10 to 15

4th . Dry highs 20 to 25 lows 8 to 13

5th.. Dry highs 15 to 20 lows 5 to 10

6th. Dry highs 15 to 20 lows 10 15

7th .Dry highs 15 to 20 lows 5 to 10