Thursday, January 12, 2012

Forecast for Western/Northwestern WI.

Forecast problems…None really to speak about untill we get into the long term…Winter is back and will last for awhile, though we will have a few warmer days here and there.The main story will be the cold air throughout next week.Then the coldest air of this winter thus far coming in the longer term.....With a possible winter storm...See long term discussion and forecast for that info.

At Noon…Temps are in the lower to middle teens under cloudy skies most stations are reporting light snow…New Richmond and Osceola are not reporting light snow… Winds are from the North/Northwest from 9 to 15 with gusts up to 23 MPH…..

Light snow will keep going through the rest of the day….Accumulations will be light ¾ to as much as an inch is possible…Thinking the lower end of that will verify….Higher amounts of snow will be found along parts of the Lake Superior South Shore….Where as 2 to 5 inches more of snow shall fall today and tonight…….A 993 MB low pressure system over Central MI is forecasted to pull East/Northeast. This will also drag a trough of low pressure out of the FA tonight…Friday we get a break in the action, however temps will remain well below norms….A 1024 MB high pressure is forecasted to nudge into the area tomorrow, this should allow for skies to become partly cloudy..This will allow for lows Friday night to dip to below zero for a few hours…WAA should get in late Friday night/early Saturday morning…Temps could raise by sun’s up…Saturday a clipper system is forecasted to be over Northern MN this low will draw a warm front Northeast wards, however that will be short lived as this system will drag another cold front into and through the area…..
REST OF TODAY. Cloudy with light snow/flurries likely…Less than an inch, higher amounts along parts of the South Shore….Highs today 10 to 15.
TONIGHT… Cloudy with a chance of light snow/flurries ending. Still will be LES snows in the snow belts of the South Shore…Skies may start to clear off after 2 AM…. Lows -2 to +3.
FRIDAY/FRIDAY NIGHT…. Partly cloudy highs 10 to 15 lows -5 to 0.
SATURDAY…. A chance of light snow under cloudy skies highs 27 to 30.
SATURDAY NIGHT.. Cloudy then becoming partly cloudy lows 5 to 10.

***CONFIDENCE LEVEL*** = High for this time frame.

Sunday a high pressure system builds back into the area, this will insure the FA a Partly cloudy day with warm temps….Once again this will be short lived as we see another system, unlike Saturday’s this system this one is forecasted to move along the Canada/USA border…A low pressure system is forecasted to form in KS and push Northeast wards to Northeastern part of MI….Will have a slight chance of snow for Monday/Monday….Models still all over the place on this…..One thing is for sure an Arctic cold front is forecasted to blast through the FA Monday late afternoon/early evening….This could bring us the coldest air thus far this winter…..
SUNDAY/SUNDAY NIGHT…. Partly cloudy highs 25 to 28 lows 15 to 18.
MONDAY/MONDAY NIGHT…. Cloudy with a slight chance of snow highs 27 to 30 lows 5 to 20.
TUESDAY/TUESDAY NIGHT…. Partly cloudy highs 5 to 10 lows -10 to -5.
WEDNESDAY/WEDNESDAY NIGHT…. Partly cloudy highs 5 to 10. Lows -15 to -10.

***CONFIDENCE LEVEL*** = HIGH on temps. Low of snow chances for Monday.


We start this time frame dry and cold…Could be some flurries and light snow in our Southern areas on the 19th…There is another storm system that is forecasted to stay well to our South on the 20th and 21st ,another system os forecasted to drop into the area on the 22nd this looks like it could bring a better chance of snow to my Central and Northern areas.Warm air will try to work North on the 23rd, however there looks to be a chance of heavy snow for my Central and Northern areas, with a chance at rain/wintery mix in my Southern areas..Will keep a chance of snow going on the 24th . A slight chance of snow for my Central and Southern areas on the 26th /27th doesn’t look like nothing more than light snow/flurries. The 28th dry. So off and on chances of snow through this time frame….Temps for the most part will be colder than normal, with a few warm days, overall will see an average of below normal temps.
19th. Dry highs 5 to 10 lows -5 to 0
20th. Dry highs 5 to 10 lows -10 to -5
21st. Dry highs 0 to 5 lows -10 to -5
22nd. A chance of snow highs 5 to 10 lows -5 to 0
23rd Snow and it could be heavy Central and Northern areas, rain and wintery mix in the Southern areas than changing over to light snow/flurries….High 20 to 25 lows 5 to 15
24th Chance of light snow highs 10 to 15 lows -15 to -10
25th Dry highs 0 to 5 lows -15 to -10
26th Slight chance of snow Central and Southern areas dry Northern areas. Highs 10 to 15 lows.-10 to – 5
27th. Slight chance of snow Central and Southern areas dry Northern areas highs 5 to 10 lows –20 to -15
28th Dry highs -5 to +5 lows -20 to -15

***CONFIDENCE LEVELS*** Moderate to high through this period.