Monday, January 2, 2012

Looking back at December 2011

Looking back at the month of December….

December was a warm month…..Still be had some nights that we saw temps drop below zero…..Over all this December will average out to be slightly above normal for the area.

The was 7 snow days this month…..Days that we had saw snow fall are as follows.

1st …. 1.00 inches.

2nd …and 3rd …. We had 8.00 inches.

14th… we had ¾ inches.

23rd …. We had 3.00 inches.

29th we had ¾ inches.

31st we had 5.00 before midnight…

This brings the total snowfall amounts to 18.50 inches for this month.

December 2010 we saw 33.75 inches of snow….

Let’s break the snowfall down more and compare it to the average.

On the average we see 12.80 inches of snow in December…..So we did manage to see above normal snowfall….18.50 – 12.80 = 5.70 inches above normal

There was no thunderstorms or thundersnow days this past month….

Late this afternoon or evening we will look back into the year of 2011…..