Monday, January 30, 2012

Fast forecast discussion.

Weather headaches yeah there are a few mainly for late this weekend into early next week…..

A cold front will pass through the FA tomorrow, moisture is null in my Central and Southern areas…Northern areas will be closer to better forcing so would not be shocked to see some light drizzle or flurries. Temps will still be warm tomorrow lower to middle 30s in snow packed areas, while some upper 30s to lower 40s across the little to no snow pack areas.

Rest of the week looks dry and temps will slowly cool off into the weekend.

Problems show up big time on the model in regret to snow or sunny skies… GFS and GEM has been trending North with a low pressure system…..This system is forecasted to move into Southeast MN Northwest of Rochester then its Forecasted to Move Towards Eau Claire before heading almost do East….This would put Southwestern MN through Central and Northeast MN as well as my Central and Northern FA in the prime area for snow, While my Southern zones would see all rain from this system……Now ECWMF model has this same low way down in the Ohio Valley. If this plays out the upper mid Midwest would remain dry…..As always EC model has been and will once again be the model of choice for now…We will work out all the details on Wednesday and will issue a forecast ATTM….As this forecast discussion has covered the forecast well.

Rest of the week into the weekend…Dry with highs slowly cooling down to the upper 20s to lower 30s by the weekend. Lows will be cooling off from the middle 20s to upper teens to lower 20s by the weekend…Computer models are in agreement of colder air coming into the FA next week….

Sorry time does not allow for me to go into more details into the forecast… I do agree with my Southern/Southwesterly neighbor WEATHER 4 YOU so will point my veiwers that way to Wednesday.....Link can be found to the right.