Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 3rd and 4th 2011 severe weather outbreak numbers

This past severe weather outbreak of April 3rd and 4th was unreal….April 4th had the highest ever recorded for a single day…Total was 1303 events…Lets break this down..There was 25 reported tornadoes..There was 1189 wind reports…There were 89 hail reports…..Sad thing there was 5 people who lost their lives yesterday and evening….18 people were injured… Lets break this down even more….. Tornadoes yesterday and last evening claimed 2 lives,injured 5 people….Thunderstorm winds claimed 3 lives and injured 13 people…..For the two day total from April 3rd through April 4th 2011 there was 1624 severe weather events reported…..So this severe weather event will be going down in the record books….This info came from the SPC and is preliminary data so this number may or may not go up or could even be lowered…

This all happened on the anniversary of the super outbreak that happened on April 3rd and 4th 1974…The super outbreak was more Violante than the one we just went through…The total severe weather events for this time frame was 450 reports…There was 148 tornadoes reported and 330 people lost their lives in the event….Now with the super outbreak there could have very will been more tornadoes and other severe weather events that have not been recorded..Reason for this is….Back in them days they weren’t as many storm spotters and storm chasers,like we today..