Saturday, April 30, 2011

Looking back at April.

Time to look back at April...

April was a wild mouth to say the least…. We had some warm spells, had lots of cold snaps…. Overall temps averaged out colder than normal once again..We did have 5 days with > than ½ “ snowfall….We had 1 severe thunderstorm day, 3 non severe thunderstorm days… Let’s go ahead and break this down even more….First off we will start with the snow days….

April 1st we had ½” of snow on the ground.

April 16th we woke up to 3.00” of snow on the ground.

April 20th we saw 2.50” of snow on the ground.

April 27th we picked up another 1” of snow.

April 28th we picked up ½” of snow….

This brings the April snowfall to 7.50” which is way above our normal snowfall for April… This number will stand, if we don’t get any snow before midnight tonight…. The snow days doesn’t count the days were there was light snow/flurries…Just anything >than ½” of snow that accumulated.

Days that had thunderstorms….

April 3rd

April 9th

April 10th

April 30th

Total thunderstorm days stands at 4….

We had 1 Severe thunderstorm day that happened on April 10th Had a PDS tornado watch issued from 3:24 PM to 11:00 PM.

Barron County had 2 severe thunderstorm warnings issued on the 10th.
First one was from 3:37 PM to 4:15 PM.
The second one was from 4:34 PM to 5:15 PM…

Barron County had 1 tornado warning issued on the 10th.

The tornado warning was from 4:40 PM to 5:30 PM…..

This number of severe thunderstorm days look to be safe…Highly unlikely we will get any severe thunderstorms before midnight tonight.

To refresh everyone’s mind…. Thunderstorm days are when you can hear thunder……

Disclaimer all the above info comes from The Weather Center and is only valid for Barron County, WI.